22 October 2010

Top 100 Graduates from the Faculty of Human Ecology/Home Economics

This is quite an extensive list, and so many people I am sure were left out!  I am grateful to be featured on a list with so many individuals who have accomplished a lot in their lives.  I pray that this bode's well for my future.

I should note that I do feel guilty being on this list.  My main accomplishment listed is being the first male vice president of the Human Ecology Students Organization.  At the same time I did this, we had the first male senior stick, Aaron S. I feel that he too should have been featured on this list.

But without further ado, here is the list. (Thanks to the Centennial Committee for providing me with the list so I could feature it!)

1910  Ethel (Playfair) Harrison 
A writer, spinner, knitter, award-winning honey producer and weaver – an entrepreneur not afraid to test herself

1914  Mary Bruce
Pioneered clinical dietetic practice at Winnipeg General Hospital

1918  Esther (Thompson) McKay
Leader in the rural movement as Director of Women’s Work and Secretary of Manitoba Women’s Institute

1919  Evelyn (Moore) Ames 
Educating rural women with strong leadership in Manitoba Department of Agriculture

1919  Gladys M. (Henry) Thorlakson
Dominion Chautauqua superintendent and organizer, and member of University of Manitoba Board of Governors

1919  Margaret Mary (Speechly) Stansfield  
Pioneer in consumer rights movement

1920  Anna (Kennedy) Hicks
Postgraduate studies led to teaching at the Manitoba School for the Deaf and Earl Grey, Winnipeg     

1921  Margaret (Gilpin) Reid 
Appreciated the value of women’s work, and became Distinguished Fellow of American Economics Association

1923  Annie (Robson) Guild  (no photo)
Developed the standards for judging home economics entries at Agricultural Society Fairs

1924  Euphemia J. (Douglas) Thomson 
After serving on the Wartime Prices and Trade Board, founded the Consumers Association of Canada

1925  Isobel Robson  (no photo)
Mentored Home Economics teachers as supervisor, Winnipeg SD1

1925  Florence (McLaughlin) Brownridge (no photo)
Applied her Master’s degree to develop the Home Management/Child Development Program, U of M

1928  Frances McKay
Illustrious career provincially, nationally and as a nutritionist with FAO in Iraq

1929  Phyllis Rankin 
40-year service to education with a Home Economics Diploma and teacher training

1932  Belle (Young) Grattan
Entrepreneur and educator sharing home economics skills in British Columbia

1932  Alice (McFadden) Jenner 
Learned Mandarin for first job in dietetics as a missionary in China, returning to Saskatchewan as Director of Nutrition

1936  Mabel (McCalpin) Bell Britton
As community activist, became first woman school trustee and secretary treasurer of a Killarney-area school board

1937  Irene Anne Cooper
After graduation, became a RN and academic in the School of Nursing, U of M

1938  Effie (Morton) Von Helmolt 
Studied Costume Design at the Pratt Institute, NY, and developed a career in design and teaching in the Theatre Department, Tech Voc

1939  Margaret Bardal 
Applied child development knowledge as a Social Worker with agencies for children 

1940  Christine Isabel (Swanson) Wettlaufer
Influenced classrooms throughout Manitoba by mentoring teachers

1940   Helen Janzen 
First Supervisor of Home Economics Education and founding member of the Home Economics Teachers’ Association in Manitoba

1941  Elizabeth (Hepworth) Feniak  
Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty of Home Economics, UM, and community worker for advancement of women

1941  Geraldine (Grierson) Brown
Longtime advocate for low-income consumer, initially Victoria Home Economics Association, then Consumer’s Association of Canada, and Winnipeg Anti-Poverty group

1942  Dorothie A. (Neil) Abel Lindquist
Dean of Women at United College, and now an advocate for welfare of seniors in Victoria, BC

1942  Doris (Blondal) Johnson 
Leader and volunteer in Gimli, and supportive partner to Lieutenant Governor George Johnson

1944  Jean (Burnell) Demianyk 
With a Master of Social Work, served families and children through welfare

1945  Nancy-Ruth (Rutherford) Sissons  
Advocate at the Rehab Centre for Physically Handicapped (Calgary) teaching art and design

1945  Johanna Wilson 
Wrote “A History of Home Economics Education in Manitoba, 1826-1966”, published as a Centennial project by Manitoba Home Economics Association

1945  Doris (Baskerville) Badir 
Dean of the Faculty of Home Economics, U of A and only Canadian President of IFHE (International Federation of Home Economics),

1947  Marie (Alford) Salway 
Long term and respected Nutritionist in Neepawa, working with the Health Unit.

1948  Shirley (Weber) Godbehere
A well-liked professor who developed practicum experiences in community nutrition,
U of M

1948  Tannis (Thorlakson) Richardson 
Philanthropist, particularly concerned with Juvenile Diabetes

1948  Gwendolyn (Wilson) Parker 
First provincial secretary of Manitoba Women's Institute and a member of the Manitoba Agricultural Hall of Fame

1949  Marion (Berryhill) Vaisey-Genser 
Developed food sensory analysis research, and as Vice-President, Research at U of M, promoted the advancement of women

1949  Margaret (Thomson) Crowle 
Researcher, dietetian, extension specialist, freelance home economist and faculty member recognized for consumer advocacy in Saskatchewan

1950  Margaret (Munro) Shaw 
As an ‘Elizabeth’ with the Manitoba Power Commission, wrote "And So the Lights Came On" documenting the work of Home Economists with electrification of Manitoba

1950  Margaret (Oliver) Morgan
As ‘Margo Oliver’, food editor for Weekend Magazine and Today and cookbook author

1950  Dorothy (Pennie) Jamieson
Dedicated to education, and a longtime school trustee for the Okanagan Skaha School Board

1950  Margaret (Herriot) Edmond Brown 
Creative instructor and entrepreneur of clothing and textiles in Swaziland and Canada

1951  Beverly (Scurfield) Watts
Director of CIDA-sponsored food related projects in Guatemala and Peru while part of Foods and Nutrition at U of M

1951  Lorna (Morgan) Bell 
Devoted and effective teacher at Vincent Massey Collegiate, and community leader on social issues

1952  Mildred (Clark) Murray 
Career of  community volunteering with social agencies, and Brandon School Board

1952  Helen (Dyck) Rigby 
As a Diploma grad, led WI delegation to successfully support the Faculty of Human Ecology in 1990

1953  Vivian Bruce
Educator, student supporter and human nutrition researcher in Canola at U of M

1953  Peggy (Hampton) Prendergast 
Educator, innovator and developer of program for teenage pregnant girls and their children

1954  Phyllis (Judson) Meiklejohn 
Well-known educator, guest lecturer and author who provided resources for home economics, specifically home management

1955  Judith (Bole) Roepke 
Earned a PhD in Nutrition, and researched the nutrition of newborns at Ball State University, Indiana

1955  Gwen E. Leslie 
Regional Consultant, Educational Services (Central Region), with the Health Protection Branch of Health and Welfare Canada

1956  Rowena M. (McLean) Hubbard 
First woman sent to Harvard’s Program for Management Development and managing partner of publicity for Anderson, Rothstein & Hubbard

1956  Valerie (Todd) Metz  
Entrepreneurial artist with 16 solo exhibitions across Canada and one in the USA

1957  Alice (Paine) Drader  
Per diem extension work, and team photography with husband Ed, recognized by the Snowbirds Air Demonstration Squadron

1957  Carolyn (Dyson) Wilson 
Entrepreneur, and longtime community volunteer on the crisis line at Osborne House

1957  Irma Margaret (Taylor) Hoke 
Generated and computerized food composition and nutritional data for US Department of Agriculture nutrient database

1957  Elizabeth (Collyer) Burwell 
As Director of the Home Economics Section, Manitoba Department of Agriculture increased the district offices and personnel, equalized male/female pay and hiring practices

1958  Ruth (Brehaut) Dyker 
Project manager, 17-year volunteer with MAHE-Winnipeg international development projects in Brazil and Zimbabwe.

1959  Beverly (Broughton) Bajus 
National Home Economist in Business, USA and 1984 elected first Woman Corporate Officer of a Fortune 300 company, International Multifoods

1959  Carol (King) Ferguson 
Writer, educator, consultant and editor of FOOD Magazine and founding food editor of Canadian Living

1959  Fran (Lowes) Wershler 
A career of writing, editing and media work resulting in the publication of the Prairie Gardener and a national church newsletter

1960  Elaine (Anderson) Adam 
Concern for education and equity resulted in $1M fundraising for Women's' Studies Program at U of M and U of W

1960  Jo-Ann (Robertson) McCabe 
Love of history, costume, theatre led to 100 players and Award of Distinguished Contribution to Community

1960  Marilyn (Stevenson) Adam 
Distinguished career with Agriculture Extension, Greater Winnipeg Gas, and the Milk Marketing Board

1961  Gail (Denbow) Watson  
Leadership as director for the comprehensive home economics service of all Manitoba - rural, northern and urban

1963  Lee (Dunlop) Anderson
Founder of Manitoba Youth Volunteer Opportunities (MYVOP)

1963  Judy (Duncan) Holden 
Fund Development Director for the monument on the Manitoba Legislative grounds

1963  Janice (Wainwright) Filmon  
Motivator and builder with service to local community, family and youth

1964  Lila (MacDonald) Goodspeed
Teacher, textbook author and volunteer extraordinaire

1965  Virginia (Hudyma) Snyder 
Adolescent Parents program - a first, for teenage parents for Transcona-Springfield SD along with Wee Bairns Infant Centre

1966  Judith (Raine) Morningstar 
Award-winning fibre artist and quilting instructor

1966  Bretta (Neilson) Maloff 
Recognized community nutrition consultant with program development in Saskatchewan and Alberta

1966  Janet (Plowman) Sampson Schellenberg 
Life work with MAHE-Winnipeg members to develop life skill and literacy-based resources - Basic Skills for Living

1966  Peggy Barker
Recognized for program development and evaluation in agricultural extension,

1967  Joan (Lelond) Dupuis Neal 
Advocate for Human Ecology programs in Louis Riel School Division

1968  Judith Diane Wainwright 
Lover of children, advocate of early childhood education, winner of Outstanding Teacher and Woman of the Year Awards

1969  Joan Butcher 
Competently extended home economist skills to rural and northern Manitoba, Antigua, Australia, Ukraine, Swaziland and Zimbabwe

1969  Yvonne (Archambault) Grabowsky 
First woman Regional Director, Alberta Agriculture and Gold Premier’s Award of Excellence for transition of dairy from government to industry

1970  Doreen Gardner Brown 
Certified Financial Planner in BC, and a leader in collaboration, mediation and settlement

1970  Kathryn Baranovsky 
Communication specialist in the agriculture and agri-food industry, with government, business, media, and non-profit organizations

1970  Donna (Oliphant) Bulow
Administrator in St. Vital School Division

1972  Marilyn (Nosko) Thiessen
1972  Faye Forbes Anderson
1972 Marlene (Turchyn) Kozak
Successfully initiated urban home economics services into health and social services in Winnipeg

1972  Colleen (Johnson) Watts 
Life work with MAHE-Winnipeg members to develop life skill and literacy-based resources - Basic Skills for Living

1972  Judy (Malcolmson) Fowler 
Entrepreneurial food stylist in Winnipeg

1972  Arlene (Barker) Harris 
Initiator of the Regina Home Economics for Living Project, awarded Saskatchewan Consumer Award for work with and for low income consumers

1973  Lynda (Clark) Lowry 
Community nutritionist, recently appointed CEO, Food Development Centre at Portage la Prairie

1973  Jan (Stewart) Bones 
Entrepreneurial fashion designer, educator and judge locally and internationally

1973  Jane McKay-Nesbitt 
Ability to demonstrate the relevance of the Home Economics discipline to her work in government, business, and academia

1973  Alyson Bullock
Teacher of Home Economics in St. James and St. Amant with interest in programs for women and children

1974  Lynda Corby
Communication Director for Dietitians of Canada

1974  Marsha Sharp 
Initiated the Canadian Foundation for Dietetic Research as CEO of Dietitians of Canada

1974  Linda Malcolmson 
As Director of Canadian International Grains Institute, evaluates and markets Canadian food products worldwide

1975  Wendy Bulloch
Home economics/agriculture educator and consultant, and first home economist to be hired by Manitoba Pool Elevators

1975  Marilyn (Roodman) Bild 
Award winning entrepreneur as home economist in business

1976  Linda Hogue   
Long career in home service and active in professional associations

1977  Gail Marchessault 
Developed and coordinated nutrition program for 60 First Nations communities in several native languages

1977  Chris Hamblin
Appointed Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Grains Commission; active partner in a successful farm enterprise

1976  Avis Gray 
Social advocate influencing public policy affecting families while working as a community leader and politician

1980  Phyllis Jo-Anne (Vereb) Shand 
Food technologist researching meat quality in the Department of Food and Bioproduct Sciences, U of S

1984  Carla G. Taylor 
Developed well-funded research program in dietary modulation of insulin resistance

1986  Joan Turner  
Committed her professional career to the field of Child Life as an advocate and academic

1986  Nancy Schneider 
Currently, Executive Assistant to the VP of Research, U of M utilizing communication skills

1987  Deb Dawson Dunn  
Award-winning entrepreneur, life coach and inspirational speaker who owns “Get in Dunn”

1987  Cecile Clayton-Gouthro 
Award-winning visual artist, costume historian and clothing and textiles professor, U of M

1988  Cathey Day 
Extension work in rural Manitoba, now manager of the Southwest Growing Opportunities team

1988  Moneca Sinclaire
An educator dedicated to Aboriginal issues and peoples

1990  Terry (Mandzuk) Geib 
Marketer and communication specialist committed to the co-operative movement, and founded a funeral co-operative in Calgary

1990  Tracey Drabyk-Zirk  
Chartered Financial Planner, active extension home economist and active in professional associations including CHEF

1991  Myrna (Wiebe) Grahn
Master at building relationships and fostering connectedness in her career as a home economist and volunteer with professional associations

1991  Lesa Nordick 
An advocate for seniors, dedicated to health promotion

1992  Claudine Charriere 
Innovative teacher, creating a bilingual Fashion Technology program at College Lorette Collegiate, MB

1992  Karen (Monney) Holden 
Flair for sales and marketing led to retail, small business entrepreneurship, and Corporate Accounts management

1992 Getty (Wassmuth) Stewart 
Entrepreneur and professional speaker and a community volunteer and supporter

1994  Susan Russell 
Director of health policy with Health Canada

2007  Dianne Mutuc 
Student advisor with Faculty of Human Ecology since graduation

2007  Lindsey Mazur 
Advocate for Manitoba Association of Home Economists, reaching out to Human Ecology students at U of M

2008  Daniel Madrid 
Award-winning entrepreneur - the only health products store in Winnipeg with a certified Nutritionist and fitness counsellor

2008 Joshua Lockhart 
First male Human Ecology Student Organization VP

2010  Kelsey Fehr 
Committed to faculty, loves to discuss the benefits of joining Human Ecology with perspective students

2010  Madelaine Calanza  
Finalist in the 2010 Télio National Design Competition

2010  Antonia Schindle 
Finalist in the 2010 Télio National Design Competition amd accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

2010  Emilia Ring, Anita Mundt, Tara Ayotte 
Before graduation, presented a ‘healthy bean brownie’ to the Great Manitoba Food Fight competition