30 October 2010

Failing Our Children

The Winnipeg Free Press recently ran an article about how the family services is "failing".  In particular how critics are outlining the number of children who have died in care.  While I do have questions about the system, and I think major changes are needed over time, I don't think the finger should be pointed at the workers, supervisors, or ministers.  The finger should be pointed at the families.  Families are failing our children.

28 October 2010

Cricket & Life: One Run, Prayer

Scoring one run requires communication between the batsmen, just as it takes prayer for us to communicate with deity.

27 October 2010

Transition to Fatherhood Course Post-Test Results

I have meant to post this for a while now.  The following are the post-test results from the Transition to Father course that I offered.

25 October 2010

Helpful Financial Websites

We all have money, how little or how much it may be.  We all need to be aware of our finances and how to manage them.

Scott C. Marsh, a financial advisor and part-time faculty member at Brigham Young University, listed the "best" sites that can help consumers financially.  I have listed all the recommended sites here, but you can also check out the full article here.

22 October 2010

Top 100 Graduates from the Faculty of Human Ecology/Home Economics

This is quite an extensive list, and so many people I am sure were left out!  I am grateful to be featured on a list with so many individuals who have accomplished a lot in their lives.  I pray that this bode's well for my future.

I should note that I do feel guilty being on this list.  My main accomplishment listed is being the first male vice president of the Human Ecology Students Organization.  At the same time I did this, we had the first male senior stick, Aaron S. I feel that he too should have been featured on this list.

100 Years of Human Ecology/Home Economics

This video sums up greatly the faculty that I graduated from.  Just this past September the faculty celebrated it's 100th Anniversary!  100 years of education, thats phenomenal!

You can learn about the profession at the Manitoba Association of Home Economists, and you can learn more about the program at the University of Manitoba website.

I am a proud graduate.  Yes, I have only been out for just over a year, but this degree has provided me with a holistic perspective and a solid foundation in the understanding of studying family dynamics and relationships.

Pssst. Let's play "Where's Josh".  See if you can spot me in the video!

Cricket & Life: The Equipment and Outfit

Each batsman has the same default gear.  They will have a helmet, bat, gloves, and pads on their legs.  Some batsmen will wear padding under their shirt and pants. Other batsmen will even wear arm guards.

This all sounds vaguely familiar to anyone who has read the Bible.  Particularly in the New Testament, found in Ephesians 6:13-17.  Here the soldiers wear a breastplate, helmet, shield, feet coverings, have their loins protected, and have a sword; all essential pieces of clothing when fighting in a battle.

20 October 2010

Cricket & Life: Introduction

If there is one thing I have learned in public speaking and writing, it is that you have to write about what you are passionate about.  Life and Cricket happen to be two of those for me.  Of course, I know someone is going to say, “I thought you liked hockey?”  I do.  But if you really knew me, you’d know I’ve had many more late nights and early morning watching the Ashes, IPL, and any game Australia or Canada is in, than I have watching hockey.

I haven’t always been a cricket fan.  I recall playing it for a world sports day in grade three, but that doesn’t count.  What did, and does count is when I was living in Port Hedland, Australia.  A little community of 14,000 people.  Being only 19, I helped plan and participate in a Friday night sports activity, hosted by my church.  The goal was to get the youth who were wandering the streets, to come and play a sport, and have wholesome fun.  We usually played basketball, or table tennis.  One night we played cricket.  It was a hot night in late December or early January. Since that night I have loved the sport.

I experienced three roles of cricket that night: bowler, batter, and wicket keeper. It seemed like an “easy” sport to play when I was playing with a bunch of teenagers.  I did play, not just watch, the sport in Winnipeg, at Assiniboia Park.  I played for the now defunct Taverner’s Cricket Club.  Let me tell you, when you start playing cricket with adults who are from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, South Africa, England, Australia and New Zealand, and they BLEED the sport; you don’t stand a chance.  I was nowhere near being a top batsman, nor a top bowler.  My first innings I was out for a duck (didn’t post a single run).  But I had blast!  I learned a lot about the sport.  It helped me develop a deeper understanding and love for the sport.

As we talk about the sport in greater detail, we are going to be focusing primarily on batting.  I will discuss the rule or the event in the sport and than tie it up in a comparison of how it applies to having a successful life.

19 October 2010

Toxic Relationships Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

My daughter has fallen in love with a book, the Ginger Bread Man.  You know how it goes, the Ginger Bread man trusts the Wolf.  The Wolf deceives the Ginger Bread Man, and ends up eating him!

The same is true in our personal relationships.  There are people who just eat us up.  They are toxic.  Dr.  Elia goes into depth in discussing Toxic Relationships and how they can be Hazardous to Your Health.

Start developing those healthy boundaries!

The sport of Cricket and Life Skills

I recently gave a presentation on Cricket and Life.  I talked about the different kind of runs we can get so that we can keep our scoreboard of life ticking.  I also looked at the various ways of getting out in Cricket and how they apply to several ways we can loose out on life.

I will be posting one section at a time.  So watch for them!

What are you surrounding yourself with?

We need to surround ourselves with other supportive parents.  We need to surround ourselves with other parents who are respectful to their spouses. We need to be around those who do not belittle, or attempt to tear down our marriage or families.


Read the entire post at Essential Fathers or Notes on Parenting.

15 October 2010

Bullying, It Gets Better

Bullying has to stop!  It is getting ridiculous.  It is also garnering a lot of media attention, and igniting a lot of special interest groups.

This is an emotional city councilman from Fort Worth City.  It is a lengthy clip, but darn good.

I must echo what he says.  It does get better.  Your high school years do not define you for your life.  You grow up and move on.  You find friends with your personality and share similarities.  It does get better.  It doesn't matter your race, gender, sexual orientation, or background, or different in any other kind of matter, you are not lesser or better than anyone!

Bullying needs to be curbed.  Especially now as it is morphing into cyber-bullying.  If you see it, stop it.  If you are bullying, quit it.  If you are being bullied, talk to someone you trust.

Read a previous post on assessing bullying, and other information about bullying.

Canada's Most Dangerous Cities

Recently MacLeans magazine did a story on Canada's most dangerous cities.  They looked at certain factors, such as homicide, sexual assault, vehicle theft, and robbery.

It's interesting to note that Western Canadian cities dominate the "naughty-list", while Eastern Canada is on the "good-list".  This seems to coordinate well with the number of counsellors per-person by province "survey" that I did.  There are more counsellors and therapists in Western Canada.  Would love to see if there is the same type of consistency in the USA.  That is a ratio to high crime rates, and a high ratio of counsellors and therapists.

Have a dart around the MacLeans website and check out where your city ranks overall, or in one of the particular areas. It just might influence where you move next.

13 October 2010

Assessing Bullying & Information

Great information has been provided by NCFR about bullying.  This research defines bullying, outlines warning signs, characteristics of the perpetrator & victim, and also provides an assessment tool.

Read the full document here.  I would highly recommend this for anyone dealing with a group of children or youth.

For Health’s Sake Marry Someone Your Age

Check out my column in the Battleford's News Optimist!

Remember, marry someone your age for longevity.  Plus get some info on other ways to increase your years on this planet!

07 October 2010

Moving Beyond High School Insecurities

I love the points that Julie Hanks makes about high school insecurities.  My favourite is her first point.  Things that happen in adolescents impact you, but they don't define you.  Who you are/were in high school isn't going to be you for the rest of your life.

My next favourite point is that people grow and change.  That annoying smart person in the back, may not be like that any more.  The girl who dropped out because she became pregnant may have gone back, graduated and may be in a much more stable relationship.  People change.  That is an essential point.  You can't keep looking to the past to define a person today.  The past is a learning experience that has shaped and moulded, and even changed that person into what they are today.

Read her entire post here.

04 October 2010

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

There was a great article in the London Free Press about stepping outside of your comfort zone.

How easy is it for us to just go through life on chartered paths instead of the uncharted.  How many times have we made up excuses to not go to something?  Great things can happen if we learn to step outside of our comfort zone.  I have learned this for myself, but it is still a work in progress.

You can read past articles by Allison Graham here, and check out her website here.