11 December 2014

What's A Normal Parents Home Look Like?

  • Normal: There is a room in your house that always stays cluttered and messy, and much like Lady MacBeth’s hands, will never be clean. 
  • Normal: Your laundry is everywhere. 
  • Normal: Your sink is full of dishes, your dishwasher is full of dishes, your table and counter are full of dishes, and you can’t find a clean spoon. 
  • Normal: Your kids’ bath toys are right where they left them after the bathwater drained. 
  • Normal: Some type or types of toys are scattered all over the house and no matter how hard you try, or what bribes you offer, or what god you pray to, you never get every piece picked up. 
  • Normal: Cups and cups and cups. Everywhere. All the time. Normal: Art Damage. 
  • Normal: You can’t see the floor of your car. 
  • Normal: You forgot trash day again. 
  • Normal: You have not dusted. Perhaps ever, or at least since your parents last visited. 
  • Normal: Some part of your house is in do-not-use disrepair, and has been for longer than you would publicly admit.

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04 December 2014

Saying When, an app for helping cut down unwanted behaviours

The Saying When app is primarily marketed towards cutting down drinking, but can be used to help cut down other behaviours. The app is developed by the Center for Addiction and Mental Health

02 December 2014

Surviving the Teenage Brain

Watch the documentary here on CBC.

This is CBC's Nature of Things write up about it: "International experts in human development present surprising new research that explains the peculiarities and immense power and potential of the teen brain. This new perspective could change the way we school, parent and motivate these transitional homo sapiens. It might even make them easier to live with!"