17 February 2011

My QX104 Casting Call Audition Video

I recently entered a radio contest to be on a morning show for a week.  I had a blast making a movie.  I feel this will add to my repertoire of public speaking, it adds another layer of media communication to my skills, and I can potentially use this avenue in my career down the road (A wannabe Dr. Laura type show).

The contest is now closed, and the winner will be announced tomorrow morning *fingers crossed*.  However, you can still go to QX104's website and check out the competition and rate the movies.

Thanks to everyone who supported me!

Dad, it’s okay to play video games – just include your daughter!

It’s a cause to celebrate! Especially for dad’s who still play or want to play video games.  After years of research indicating that video gaming has negative influence on an individual, Brigham Young University researchers have found a positive in video gaming.  It is a daddy-daughter thing.

15 February 2011

We Let Our Sons Get Away With More

My thoughts are spurred after reading the press release by BYU about an article by Sarah M. Coyne outlining some benefits of parents video gaming with their children, between the ages of 11-16. (A study which I am writing a column about, so I do respect the study and it's findings, it just had me questioning somethings)

We let our sons get away with more compared to our daughters.  At least knowingly.

14 February 2011

Canadian Symposium for Home Economics/Family Studies/Human Ecology Educators

There is an upcoming symposium in Winnipeg's backyard that is perfect for educators of Home Economics, Family Studies or Human Ecology.  Which, to my understanding when it comes to middle or high school education, is really the same thing, just different labels.  Correct me if I am wrong.

Nonetheless, here is the site to go visit to check things out!

It looks to be a greatly informative symposium for educating the future in Home Economics/Family Studies/Human Ecology.

Stories From The Road: Memories of HEc at University of Saskatchewan

It would only seem fair, since I recently promoted the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Human Ecology book launch, More Than Memories, that I acknowledge the University of Saskatchewan Home Economics Extension book launch occurring in Saskatoon.

07 February 2011