27 August 2021

10 (+2) Board Games that Counsellors Should Have

It amazes me as I meet with different counsellors that our board game, or card game selection in our offices are rather standard: Connect four, Trouble, Jenga, a deck of cards, and similar 15-minute games.

I won't bash these games, they have value in helping create safety and familiarity in a strangers counselling office. Plus most of those games children and youth already know how to play, so it is easy to bring the game off the shelf and play.

As an example of how useful those games can be in a therapeutic setting, Jenga. While not clinical, Jenga is a great game to experience how a child or youth experience and handle anxiety, fear, and stress.

However, I think it's worthwhile looking at games (some pinterest finds), that can further create opportunities to build relationships, explore feelings, understand body language, be insightful, and create safety in a counselling setting.

So, let's get down to business.