07 June 2019

Top Tabletop Games as voted by Grades 5 & 6

It's my second year doing a board game club for grades 5's and 6's at a school.

Last year I had them vote on their favourite games, it only seemed fitting to do it again this year.

So here are this years Top 5 table top games as voted by Grade 5&6 students!

#5. Happy Salmon

Such a simple, yet fun and boisterous game!

#4. Pit

Pit was #3 last year, fell a spot. But it's amazing how this commodity training game continues to be popular.

#3. SOS Dino

This cooperative game to save the dinosaur eggs, and the dinosaurs themselves, is great for building team skills and problem solving.

#2. Fabled Fruit

Rising from #5. Collect fruits, steal them, or create chaos through redistribution, so that you can juice fruits faster than your opponents.

#1. Uno (Spaz)

Yes, Uno itself is fun. But have you ever played SPAZ Uno? Divide the cards up amongst the players, then going around the table one at a time each player places a card face up (like war), if there are two consecutive matching colours, there is an accompanying action. Green grass, slap your hand on the table or floor; Red heart, slap your hand on your heart; Yellow fever, slap your hand on your forehead; Blue sky, raise your hand in the air. If you are the fastest to do the action, you collect the cards on the table and add them to your deck. What happens when you get a wild card? You have to do all four actions as fast as possible. For safety, remove jewelry on your hands, wrist, and take glasses off. Enjoy!

Here are 6-10 to round out the top ten:
6. Exploding Kittens
7. Who Farted
8. Prey Care
9. Beasts of Balance
10. Poo!