30 June 2011

First Aid & CPR Training: Urgent Response

I need to recognize an organization since I am not running my transition to fatherhood course this year.  I have been in contact with the instructor of this group and need to do a plug for them.  This is a service I would have talked about in the class as a way to further prepare for baby coming along.

Urgent Response is a First Aid and CPR instruction institute.  They offer a wide variety of training to suit the needs of the participant.  Whether you need entry level CPR or child care worker type training, this place can offer it.

Go ahead and have a look at their website, and if you need training, sign up!

29 June 2011

Cricket & Life: Run Out. Don`t Forget To Listen To Others

A run out happens in Cricket when the batsman is trying to run to the other side of the pitch, but in the process a fielder has grabbed the ball thrown it at and hit the wicket.  A run out usually happens because of poor communication between the two batsman; and due to that poor communication someone is now out.

How often has something gone wrong or been done incorrectly because there was improper communication.  How many times have we said “I thought you meant…” when we didn’t completely understand some ones directions.  Has anyone ever said that to you?

When we communicate well with others success can be had in a relationship, whatever that relationship may be.  It is because the messages are being sent clearly and concisely.  There is no beating around the bush, watering down of the message, or expecting others to rely more on our body language than what we are actually saying.  We can understand each other best when we verbally communicate our desires and wishes.

Let’s take it another way. Do you listen to you parents, friends, or ecclesiastical leaders when they give you advice? 

When we communicate well within ourselves, and start realizing that our parents, family, friends, and other people in our lives have an outside-in vantage point, it can be beneficial for us.  They may be seeing things that we can’t.  They may know something is happening on the field that is in your blind spot.

How about your inner-voice, gut, or conscience, are you listening to them?  The more we listen to our gut, the more it will talk to us.  Our gut feeling is a safety mechanism that lets us know that what we are doing may not have the best outcome.  Listen to your gut; it is a vital tool for your own communication.  Learn to understand it and follow it better.

As we begin to communicate better, we will be able to prevent ourselves from being run out of relationships and ourselves.

28 June 2011

Reap what you sow in moods

GETTING CONNECTED: Attitude is key

Alison Graham is a networking specialist, and has great advice on developing networks to enhance ones own business.  Sometimes her articles cross over into how the professional self should coincide with the personal self.  Or sometimes referred to as the public vs private self.  She shares some great insights from her latest flight in her most recent column.

You can learn more about her at her website or via twitter.

27 June 2011

OHEA: Back to School with New Nutrition Standards

The following was written by OHEA Member Amy Snider-Whitson, PHEc.

While students and teachers wind-down from another busy school year, many others are gearing-up for back to-school with new nutrition standards come September.

Childhood obesity rates have tripled in the last 25 years while diabetes is on the increase. Clearly something has gone wrong. Improving health is a major goal and the provincial government has stepped in with legislation geared toward making healthy eating more accessible in Ontario schools.

22 June 2011

Candy for the Ears: Meaghan Smith

I recently got to see Meaghan Smith in concert. (Sorry to the people in Vancouver who's show got cancelled because of the rioting, what a let down)  It was superb!

Meaghan Smith is the most recent Juno Award winner for Best New Artist.

She has a brilliant voice.  So original, that listening to her live sounds better then the recorded version of the songs.  I heard a lot of other people see that too!  Best part of the show was that the encore that audience pleaded for.  She came back on stage and said comically "Are You Sure? Do you remember that Juno I won, it was for best NEW artist. I only know so many songs."

I love that she was personable and wanted to meet her fans after the show.  You had better believe I took my wife with me to go meet her.  She also responded to one of my tweets before the show.  Just an absolute delight.

I didn't have cash at the show to buy a t-shirt.  When I got home I ordered one online, because I would rather support examples like her for my kids, then Miley Cyrus. You can imagine how distraught I was when the order was cancelled a couple of days ago because the t-shirts were no longer available.  One day when new products are listed, I will be all over that site.

If you haven't heard of Meaghan Smith, check her out at her website, her MySpace page, Twitter, or on Facebook.  She is Canadian talent that you need to hear. Candy for the ears.

20 June 2011

My Human Ecology Story

I recently had the opportunity to be one of three individuals to have my Human Ecology story recorded.  The question was simple: why did you choose Human Ecology?  There was also a secondary question of: what do you plan on doing with your degree?

Here is my answer to that question.  I apologize for the camera angle, I had no control over that.

My favourite part is the little summary of me:
 Josh is another recent graduate who is inspired to help people with his knowledge of family dynamics and issues situated in the contemporary society. He works independently as a freelance counsellor. 
You can read more here about this project, and also see to other peoples stories.

17 June 2011

Fathers Day Gift Giving Ideas

I usually don’t write about gift giving ideas for Mother’s Day, because most people are aware of how to make this day work, and know what to give for gifts.  However, when it comes to Father’s Day, there is mass confusion, and a distortion in the media for gift giving ideas.

We are told to get dad the latest set of tools, a new computer, a car wash, socks, or the latest movie.  While these may be great gifts, it doesn’t provide the best gifts for Father’s Day.


Read the rest of this column at the Battleford's News Optimist or at Notes on Parenting.

16 June 2011

Fathers Day Gift Giving Ideas Clips on BTV

I was on CityTV's Breakfast Television the other day talking about Fathers Day gift giving ideas.  I had two segments on the show.

I must admit that the first segment, making crafts, I had my wife's help.  She pre-made the crafts, told me and showed me how to do them.  I am terrible with scissors, I should not have passed kindergarten with my lack of skills.  Nonetheless, here are the two clips from Breakfast TV!

The Manitoba Association of Home Economists also came up with a booklet of 30 activities to do on fathers day.

15 June 2011

Finding Toys that Our Kids Will Play With

I sat down recently and watched the documentary “Babies” with my wife for an at home date night.  A mistake in selection for my wife, because I sat down to critique the movie. Now let me first say that documentaries usually contain bias, inaccurate conclusions, and paradigm shift materials. Keep that in mind when you watch the film, or any documentary.


Read the rest of the post at Notes on Parenting.

13 June 2011

Seeking Participants for a Research Project: "Autonomous Motherhood: A Socio-Legal Investigation"

Research Team
Four researchers at universities in British Columbia and Saskatchewan, are involved in this project which is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC).  The team leader is Professor Susan B. Boyd, Faculty of Law, University of BC.

Research Objective
The overall objective of the project is to investigate the experience of mothers who gave birth to or adopted a child while single and who then reared their children on their own for at least one year between 1945 and 2010 in Canada.  We call this practice of mothering outside of marriage or a cohabiting relationship "autonomous motherhood".

The Historical Interview Component
This component of the project will consist of 1 to 2 hour interviews with
 mothers who gave birth to or adopted and parented a child outside a marriage or common law relationship for at least a year between 1945 and 2010. There is very little research in Canada that highlights this experience. If you have a story of lone motherhood to tell, we would very much appreciate hearing from you.

Professors Dorothy E. Chunn, Simon Fraser University (tel: 604-741-7889 (cell) or 778-782-4761; email: chunn@sfu.ca), and Wanda Wiegers, University of Saskatchewan (tel: 306-321-7822 (cell) or 306-966-5877; email: w.wiegers@usask.ca) are coordinating the historical interview component of the project. You may contact them at the telephone numbers or email addresses above to discuss possible participation in the historical interview study.

08 June 2011

Welcome Back Winnipeg Je-Errr No Name Team

It's been a week now since it the announcement that Winnipeg is getting an NHL team.  It has been fascinating to see the hype, excitement, and the outpouring of support to this new team.

I remember being in high school and doing a school project with two classmates about the afford-ability of bringing an NHL team back to Winnipeg.  At the time with a low dollar, no salary-cap, smaller population, and other factors we came to the conclusion that Winnipeg couldn't support a NHL team.  It's amazing how much can change in almost 10 years.

It's exciting. It's a new refreshing start for Winnipeg. Let's Go Jets!!!! (or who ever you are)

02 June 2011

The Lockhart Award for Family Social Sciences 2011 Recipient

The reasoning behind the Lockhart Award for Family Social Sciences was to give back to the University that awarded me my degree, and also in respect to all those who supported me via awards, bursaries, scholarships and grants while attending.

1. Successful completion of the Bachelor of Human Ecology, majoring in Family Social Sciences
2. Minimum degree GPA of 3.0
3. Demonstrate the potential to be a strong leader through involvement in the Faculty of Human Ecology and/or volunteer work in their community.
4. Preference given to those with significant social obligations. Such as caring for children, elderly family members, or disabled family members.
5. A one page statement is to be submitted outlining how requirements are met.
6. The Awards Committee of the Faculty of Human Ecology is the selection committee.
6. The award is distributed yearly at convocation.

2010 awarded to Unnamed.
2011 awarded to Ogochukwu Udenigwe.