29 June 2011

Cricket & Life: Run Out. Don`t Forget To Listen To Others

A run out happens in Cricket when the batsman is trying to run to the other side of the pitch, but in the process a fielder has grabbed the ball thrown it at and hit the wicket.  A run out usually happens because of poor communication between the two batsman; and due to that poor communication someone is now out.

How often has something gone wrong or been done incorrectly because there was improper communication.  How many times have we said “I thought you meant…” when we didn’t completely understand some ones directions.  Has anyone ever said that to you?

When we communicate well with others success can be had in a relationship, whatever that relationship may be.  It is because the messages are being sent clearly and concisely.  There is no beating around the bush, watering down of the message, or expecting others to rely more on our body language than what we are actually saying.  We can understand each other best when we verbally communicate our desires and wishes.

Let’s take it another way. Do you listen to you parents, friends, or ecclesiastical leaders when they give you advice? 

When we communicate well within ourselves, and start realizing that our parents, family, friends, and other people in our lives have an outside-in vantage point, it can be beneficial for us.  They may be seeing things that we can’t.  They may know something is happening on the field that is in your blind spot.

How about your inner-voice, gut, or conscience, are you listening to them?  The more we listen to our gut, the more it will talk to us.  Our gut feeling is a safety mechanism that lets us know that what we are doing may not have the best outcome.  Listen to your gut; it is a vital tool for your own communication.  Learn to understand it and follow it better.

As we begin to communicate better, we will be able to prevent ourselves from being run out of relationships and ourselves.