02 June 2011

The Lockhart Award for Family Social Sciences 2011 Recipient

The reasoning behind the Lockhart Award for Family Social Sciences was to give back to the University that awarded me my degree, and also in respect to all those who supported me via awards, bursaries, scholarships and grants while attending.

1. Successful completion of the Bachelor of Human Ecology, majoring in Family Social Sciences
2. Minimum degree GPA of 3.0
3. Demonstrate the potential to be a strong leader through involvement in the Faculty of Human Ecology and/or volunteer work in their community.
4. Preference given to those with significant social obligations. Such as caring for children, elderly family members, or disabled family members.
5. A one page statement is to be submitted outlining how requirements are met.
6. The Awards Committee of the Faculty of Human Ecology is the selection committee.
6. The award is distributed yearly at convocation.

2010 awarded to Unnamed.
2011 awarded to Ogochukwu Udenigwe.