30 January 2011

Home Economics/Human Ecology Book Launch

On February 2nd at 7pm at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg, the Faculty of Human Ecology is hosting a book launch to continue the 100 year celebration of the faculty.  I grabbed the following information from the McNally Robinson website.

Becoming a Positive Disciplining Parent

Looking for positive ways to discipline your child, instead of spanking or yelling?

24 January 2011

Continue Getting to Know Your Spouse

How well do you know your spouse? If they were standing in line this past month to return an item you got them during the holidays might be a sign that you may not know them as well as you think. A recent study found that we know our spouse best at two years and one month, and least at 40 years and 11 months. Seems a little backwards, doesn’t it? You’d think the longer you are together, the more you’d know eachother.

21 January 2011

Self Esteem more important than Sex

New research shows that youth like getting a self-esteem boost more than they do sex, money or food. For example, they would prefer getting a good mark on an exam, or getting a compliment from someone.

18 January 2011

Working with Aboriginal Youth & Children

I recently spoke at the Association of Canadian Human Ecology Students conference held at the University of Manitoba.  I was asked to speak on my experience working with Aboriginal Youth & Children in the Battleford's, Saskatchewan.

10 January 2011

Making Goals, Not Wishes

A New Years tradition with my family is going out for breakfast on New Years Day. We went to a restaurant. While we were there we ran into some of my wife’s clients. They joked with us about how they were going to start their diets after breakfast. Their joke had me thinking about how lightly goals to change are being taken.

02 January 2011

Cricket & Life: Leg Before Wicket, Use Your Skills and Conscience

I am sure some people have probably asked, why don’t you just stand in front of the wicket? Why even use the bat? Isn’t the object to just prevent the bowler from hitting your wicket, so just stand in front of the thing!