30 September 2010

Pornography Series in the MormonTimes

The MormonTimes, while I admit has a religious leaning on the issue of Pornography, have done a great job of connecting with Jill C. Manning, Ph. D and other scholars to discuss issues, signs, research and recovery related to pornography.

Recovery from Porn Addiction is Possible
Porn Creates Devastating Emotions in Most Women
Shame Helps Keep Porn in the Dark
Pornography "Grips You with Claws"
A Generation Gap in Understanding Porn of Today
New Initiative Sheds Light on Pornography's Impact on Families

Happy Readings!

New Books on Marriage & Divorce

A California MFT posted on his blog some books to check out for modern marriage and divorce.  I recommend checking them out as well!

Read Ben Caldwell's blog here, or follow him on Twitter.

Divorce Busting - 10 Steps to Avoiding Divorce

Thanks to Divorce Busting for these 10 steps.  I guarantee that if you sincerely follow these tips, you will not find yourself in the divorce courts.

Read the Ten Steps HERE!

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25 September 2010

Choose supportive friends and have a lasting marriage

You can re-read my column about choosing a supportive network to make your marriage last here.

Internet Safety With Your Children

My article was featured recently in the Battleford's News Optimist.  However, on a funny note, my column ended up being called "Locking Hearts With Hearts".  Maybe I should consider a name change.  But alas, here is the link to the News Optimist and Internet Safety With Your Children.

22 September 2010

Food Safety Quiz oversight

It was brought to my attention that I forgot to site an original source.  I apologize for that.  In the Food Safety Quiz, the information is not my own, I did use a source (because I am by no means a food expert).

As such, the original source is:
University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter, March 2006.

I deeply regret this oversight.

Internet Safety With Your Children

I recently watched an Internet safety video on NSTeens. I noticed when the teens were asked if their parents knew what they were doing online, they responded with: “My mom does.” I thought: “Where is dad? Isn’t dad involved? If other families are like mine, my dad knows more about computers than my mom.” Yet, it is mom who is usually involved the most with Internet activity.


Read the entire article online at NewsOptimist.ca

21 September 2010

Career Choice Can Impact Family Life

There was a study done recently in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology.  This study looked at various occupations and divorce rates. It has heated up the debate over how career choices can impact our personal lives.


Read the entire post at Notes on Parenting or Essential Fathers.

17 September 2010

I Recommend: Julia Sheer, Jodi King, Sierra Noble, Stephanie Mabey

I was recently asked by a co-worker what kind of music I listen to, my usual answer is country.  Than I had a flick through my playlists, turns out I am not listening to country at all!

Here I am now going to subject you to musicians, in no particular order, that I adore, and can barely wait for a new release on YouTube or iTunes.

First, Julia Sheer. Most of her music I have found on YouTube, and are covers.  But better sounding than the original! Case in point.  Have a listen to Airplanes.  Most of her covers, if not all, are available for download on iTunes.

Jodi King.  The first time I heard of her was a small poster in a local library advertising her CD release.  I took down the date.  I wasn't able to go to the CD release, but I got it from iTunes (Yes, iTunes... well anything apple is my life). I whole heartedly recommend her CD "Little Smile", you will not be disappointed. Here is the music video for Breathing In/Breathing Out.  However, my fav song is Happy!

The fiddler Sierra Noble is becoming more famous by the day.  From her latest paparazzi incident in New York, to opening for Bon Jovi in Winnipeg.  It makes me wonder why she only has an EP out and not a full length album.  I am sure it will come soon enough.  Have a listen to her song Possibility.  If you know the meaning, let me know.  Each day it seems to mean something new to me.

Last but not least, Stephanie Mabey.  Formerly Stephanie Smith.  I am glad she went to Stephanie Mabey because there was another Stephanie Smith out there.  Just made things confusing.  She has a couple albums to her name, and is currently working on another (which won't come out soon enough for me).  I totally recommend picking up her Acoustic EP from iTunes. It will not disappoint. It has everything from human love to zombie love.  Have a listen "If I were a Zombie".

14 September 2010

Making fathers “count”

Another new Statistics Canada Study.  This one about Fathers! You know I love information about fathers!

This article does a great job of breaking down the demographics of fathers, and the current snapshot of the state they are in.

Read the full study here.

Sharing their lives: women, marital trends and education

A new Statistics Canada study has been released.  There are a lot of interesting figures found in this study.

The one number that stood out was that in 1981 for every 100 women aged 25 to 49 with a university degree there was 157 men with the same amount of education.  In 2006, for every 100 women aged 25 to 49 with a university degree there was 84 men with the same amount of education.  Women are truly taking advantage of furthering their education. Awesome!

Also another number that was interesting to note.  In 1981, of woman in a marriage, a woman was more likely to be married if she did not have a university of degree. However, in 2006 this had flipped.  A woman is more likely to be married if she has a university degree.  Women in common-law relationships were more likely to have a university degrees in 1981, but not in 2006.  It again flipped.  A women in a common-law relationship now is most likely with-out a degree.

Read the full study here.

09 September 2010

The Struggle Between Religious Beliefs and Treating GLBT Clients

First, just for clarification.  I don't mean "treating" as in "curing" GLBT.  Treating in this title means working with a GLBT client.

This struggle, battle, and war, has gone on for years now, and this article helps show the debate that has been going on recently.  I love the conclusion paragraph, and I take that stance.

"[Your] never... required to change [your] religious beliefs.... [Your] inability to separate [your] personal beliefs in a judgement-free zone of a professional counsellor [is the concern.]"

This, I believe, not just only applies to GLBT clients, but also divorcing clients, aboriginal clients, promiscuous clients, female clients, male clients, religious clients, abused clients, and so on.

Read the full post here.

Marriage & Divorce in the USA

This is a very interactive site about Marriage & Divorce in the USA.  I realize I am Canadian, and 4/5th's of visitors are from Canada.  But this is just too interesting to pass up.  Canada does tend to sync up fairly well with American statistics in terms of Marriage & Divorce.

Go here and get your stats fix!

Food Safety Quiz

A kitchen is a great place to have fun and make stuff with your kids.  It is also a great place to create bacteria breeding grounds.  So lets test your knowledge on food safety to see if you are keeping your family safe in the kitchen.


Read the full post on Notes on Parenting or Essential Fathers.

02 September 2010

Getting out of and Avoiding Debt

Did you know the average Canadian has five credit cards? This includes the traditional credit cards and also cards like HBC, Best Buy, Citi Financial and so on. How many do you have?

Credit cards have helped contribute to the ‘now’ environment of our society. Drive throughs, microwave meals and instant downloads. On average, we spend more than we earn. Want more than we need. It’s no surprise pay-day loans have become so popular, but also at the same time, so have consolidation loans and credit counsellors.


Read the rest of my column at the News Optimist website.

01 September 2010

Keeping Your Children Safe From Pornography

Picture from FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Pornography Warning Label: “Contents highly addictive. Extremely corrosive to the soul materials enclosed. Be prepared to have your mind twisted, your views of life ravaged, and your spirit shrunk… Be prepared that after an initial rush, you will experience feelings of depression, loneliness, despair and guilt. However, with repeated exposures over time, you can numb those feelings – and enter into almost total amnesia about who you really are and about the truth it self.” – Wendy Watson.
Pornography is the second most searched topic on the internet, with about 68 Million searches per day. One in every five men view it at least every other day, and one in two view it weekly.   This helps the industry earn $100 Billion every year.

Chances are your son (more likely than your daughter) has been exposed to pornography, or will be exposed to it.  By the time of college, nine out of ten males have viewed pornography.


You can read the entire post at Notes on Parenting or Essential Fathers.