09 September 2010

The Struggle Between Religious Beliefs and Treating GLBT Clients

First, just for clarification.  I don't mean "treating" as in "curing" GLBT.  Treating in this title means working with a GLBT client.

This struggle, battle, and war, has gone on for years now, and this article helps show the debate that has been going on recently.  I love the conclusion paragraph, and I take that stance.

"[Your] never... required to change [your] religious beliefs.... [Your] inability to separate [your] personal beliefs in a judgement-free zone of a professional counsellor [is the concern.]"

This, I believe, not just only applies to GLBT clients, but also divorcing clients, aboriginal clients, promiscuous clients, female clients, male clients, religious clients, abused clients, and so on.

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