17 September 2010

I Recommend: Julia Sheer, Jodi King, Sierra Noble, Stephanie Mabey

I was recently asked by a co-worker what kind of music I listen to, my usual answer is country.  Than I had a flick through my playlists, turns out I am not listening to country at all!

Here I am now going to subject you to musicians, in no particular order, that I adore, and can barely wait for a new release on YouTube or iTunes.

First, Julia Sheer. Most of her music I have found on YouTube, and are covers.  But better sounding than the original! Case in point.  Have a listen to Airplanes.  Most of her covers, if not all, are available for download on iTunes.

Jodi King.  The first time I heard of her was a small poster in a local library advertising her CD release.  I took down the date.  I wasn't able to go to the CD release, but I got it from iTunes (Yes, iTunes... well anything apple is my life). I whole heartedly recommend her CD "Little Smile", you will not be disappointed. Here is the music video for Breathing In/Breathing Out.  However, my fav song is Happy!

The fiddler Sierra Noble is becoming more famous by the day.  From her latest paparazzi incident in New York, to opening for Bon Jovi in Winnipeg.  It makes me wonder why she only has an EP out and not a full length album.  I am sure it will come soon enough.  Have a listen to her song Possibility.  If you know the meaning, let me know.  Each day it seems to mean something new to me.

Last but not least, Stephanie Mabey.  Formerly Stephanie Smith.  I am glad she went to Stephanie Mabey because there was another Stephanie Smith out there.  Just made things confusing.  She has a couple albums to her name, and is currently working on another (which won't come out soon enough for me).  I totally recommend picking up her Acoustic EP from iTunes. It will not disappoint. It has everything from human love to zombie love.  Have a listen "If I were a Zombie".