15 October 2010

Bullying, It Gets Better

Bullying has to stop!  It is getting ridiculous.  It is also garnering a lot of media attention, and igniting a lot of special interest groups.

This is an emotional city councilman from Fort Worth City.  It is a lengthy clip, but darn good.

I must echo what he says.  It does get better.  Your high school years do not define you for your life.  You grow up and move on.  You find friends with your personality and share similarities.  It does get better.  It doesn't matter your race, gender, sexual orientation, or background, or different in any other kind of matter, you are not lesser or better than anyone!

Bullying needs to be curbed.  Especially now as it is morphing into cyber-bullying.  If you see it, stop it.  If you are bullying, quit it.  If you are being bullied, talk to someone you trust.

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