12 August 2016

The Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) defines counselling

Dr. Glenn Sheppard wrote an article in the latest CCPA magazine, COGNICA, that contained a definition for counselling which was adopted by the CCPA:
Counselling is a relational process based upon the ethical use of specific professional competencies to facilitate human change. Counselling addresses wellness, relationships, personal growth, career develop, mental health, and psychological illness or distress. The counselling process is characterized by the application of recognized cognitive, affective, expressive, somatic, spiritual, developmental, behavioural, learning, and systemic principles.
The following is also the scope of practice. The counselling profession:

  • Is attentive to and responds to diversity and inclusiveness;
  • Works in the best interest of individuals, couple, families, groups organizations, communities, and the public-at-large; and
  • Works in the domains of cognition, emotion, expression, somatics, human development, behaviour, learning, and interactive systems.