13 August 2016

Book Review: Between Husband & Wife: Gospel perspective on marital intimacy

Title: Between Husband & Wife: Gospel perspective on marital intimacy
Authors: Stephen E. Lamb, MD; Douglas E. Brinley
Publisher: Covenant Communications (American Fork)
Audience: Married or dating Latter-Day Saints, Mormons; Counsellors, Therapists
Subject: Marital intimacy in Latter-Day Saints
Summary: Dealing with intimacy amongst the Latter-Day Saint population is always difficult, as it is not a topic that is discussed openly and typically left to couples themselves to figure out. Lamb and Brinley take on the task of discussing the honeymoon phase, sexual intimacy, sexual dysfunction, and the mechanics of human sexuality; all with a doctrinal and scriptual backing. Concluding with 20 questions that they are frequently asked.
Score: 6/10 - A good read for the engaged and newly wed couple to open up the discussion of sex (which may have been a taboo subject for years)

Amazon: $4.12 on Kindle