27 August 2016

Book Review: Dating Game Secrets For Marrying A Good Man

Title: Dating Game Secrets For Marrying A Good Man
Author: Alisa Goodwin Snell, LMFT
Publisher: Bonnevile Books (Springville)
Audience: Women and Men dating, Counsellors, Therapists
Subject: Dating tips for recorgnizing an abusive or manipulative personality
Summary: Goodwin-Snell goes through the dangers and risks of dating, but also discusses ways of being confident and successful while dating. The goal is being able to wade through the emotions and hormones of dating and look at a potential partner logically: risky behaviour, manipulative thought patterns, abusive traits, emotionally immature, etc. While tailored for a female audience, it is a fit for men too. I frequently use the appendixes to open discussen about taking responsibility and being emotionally mature.
Score: 9/10 - Very helpful, hands on and applicable.
Amazon: $7.50 on Kindle