26 July 2011

Calgary Plane Crash

There was a plane crash in Calgary last week.  As explained in the article Nathan Anderson, who is the mayor of Crossfield, crashed his small aircraft. He and someone I know from when he lived in Winnipeg, went in on the aircraft.

I was in Calgary when the crash happened, and my friend was tasked with removing the aircraft from the crash site.  Since I was visiting, he some how got me to tag along and help disassemble the aircraft.  I tried explaining that I have only worked with aviation software not with the actual planes themselves.  Nonetheless I went.  Needless to say the PHEc and counsellor that I am was useless in removing the aircraft, but I did the best I could.  Plus, it was a lot of fun to be a part of taking the airplane apart.  I learned a lot about aircraft's that day.

I must say that I am AMAZED that no one was seriously injured.  One of life's miracles.