18 July 2011

Are We Meeting the Demands for Job Skills

I came across an interesting article in the Deseret Morning News about how we are failing to meet the needs of the market with our current education.  Now, I do realize that not everyone can have, or may want to get at bachelors degree, because if 80% of people had a bachelors they would become obsolete.  But something like graduating from High School and entering a college for some sort of higher education, I think is vitally important.  What stands out to me most in this article is this paragraph.
Consider these national statistics from the report: Of 100 students in ninth grade, only 75 will graduate from high school and, of those, only 51 will enter college. Within six years, only 22 will have a degree and many of those will enter the workplace lacking the skills needed to be hired or have a successful career.
Canada is usually similar to stats pumped out from the USA.  So this is something that needs to be considered worry-some, that 25% of kids will NOT finish high school, despite it being free.

 Read the entire article here.