01 July 2011

Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Birthday Canada!  This is the one day that happens every year where Canadians become very patriotic.  I love it.  We have a wonderful nation where we can live, play, work and grow together.

In celebration of Canada Day, I recommend you take this Canada Quiz from the National Post. The best Canada test I found among the papers I read/subscribe to (Which are many, I have a digital subscription to The Province, Edmonton Journal, StarPhoenix and the National Post all under one subscription, thanks Canada.com.  But I also keep tabs on the Winnipeg Free Press, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, New York Times, Deseret Morning News, and the Battleford's News Optimist among many other small market papers.... just to name a few).  So when I say it is the best Canada Test I found, I mean it.

Also, to celebrate Canada Day, I have to share my favourite moment of someone singing O! Canada.  It was during the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.  Chandra Crawford had just won a gold medal in her event, and when it came time to raise the flags, she BELTED out the National Anthem.  It is beautiful.  I admire her for her work and passion, so much so that I tried to get my daughters name to have Chandra in it.  But alas, it didn't happen. But watch this:

Happy Canada Day!