21 May 2010

Transition to Fatherhood Course

Are you expecting? Are you a first time father? Do you wish your husband/boyfriend was better prepared for the special delivery? Come take a course to learn more!

This summer I will be offering two courses on the Transition to Fatherhood. The course is primarily aimed at first time fathers, and expectant fathers.

Topics addressed will include:
  • What your spouse/partner is going through
  • What is your baby doing
  • What changes will happen to your routine
  • "How To's" your spouse/partner wishes you knew
  • A man's pregnancy
It will be interactive and informative.

The cost of registration is $50 per person. The cost includes two 2.5 hour sessions, a manual, take home materials, and other information. All you need to bring is yourself, everything is provided.

The first class starts July 8, a Thursday, at 6:00 at the Westwood Winnipeg Public Library.

You can register online at www.lockinghearts.com where you can pay with PayPal!

For more information, or to request more information, please go to www.lockinghearts.com.

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