18 May 2010

Did Rogers Ruin Her Marriage?

I caught a glimpse of this story on the news last night. I then saw it in my news feeds this morning. This woman is claiming that Rogers ruined her marriage, and life, because the combined Rogers wireless bill got sent to her husband. Her husband saw this repeated phone number, figured things out and left her.

Really? You are surprised that your secret affair ruined your life? You mean, you had a fantastic life with a husband and children, so enthralling that you had to sleep with someone else? Wow.

This is a prime example of someone not taking personal responsibility. It is so much easier to blame others, especially corporations. She had been living a lie, and when her lie was uncovered, she played the victim card. Did she not think that an affair could ruin her marriage? Or was she caught up in the instant gratification?

Some people get caught up in the now so much, that they don't think of the long-term consequences of their choices. Yes, this lady is suffering from psychological problems of having her husband leave her. Those are real. But really, if Rogers did not send this bill to her husband, do you think it would have remained hidden? Probably not. Truth always finds a way to the surface, usually through accidental channels (like what happened here with Rogers).

If she was going to be personally responsible, she would have admitted that she made a mistake. She would not have played the victim card, and would have owned up to the fact that her actions DID contribute to her marital breakdown. If she was responsible, she would not have engaged in an ongoing affair.

I don't want to paint things black and white. Maybe something bad was going on in her marriage, we don't know that. But, if she really didn't want to have her life ruined by having her affair revealed, maybe she should not have had the ongoing affair in the first place. (I say ongoing, because as reported by the news there was repeated lengthy calls to the same number, therefore indicating length.)

Rogers did not ruin your marriage Gabriella Nagy, you did.