13 May 2010

iPhone/iPod Touch Apps for Toddlers

Surprisingly I do share my iPhone with my daughter. Of course, I do get nervous about her dropping it, but so far so good.

Needless to say, Apple is superb at making a simple to use device. Simple enough that my two year-old (and when I had an iPod Touch, she was 14 months old) can use it. Not only can she play the apps, but she can find the movie or song she wants, or she can go through the pictures and find the latest captured video or picture. Just amazing.

However, there are some Apps that are just amazing that are made for toddlers.

I'll list them all here that we use, you can pick and choose for yourself.

Dr. Suess's ABC's - 2.99 A read to me, or read to self book. Interactive in that you can touch the images and it will repeat that word for you.

Solar Walk - 2.99- This App requires Daddy's help. It is fun to take a tour of the solar system. Provides a lot of information.

ABC Animals - 1.99 - Simplistic ABC cards with animals on them.

Kidztory - 0.99 - This group of Apps I just can't get enough of. We have five of their book-apps. They can read to you, or you can read yourself.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - Free - This is a popular App for us, because my daughter LOVED the movie. So therefore, this App is popular. The movie snippets for the tour of Chewandswallow is what is used the most.

Fairies Fly (Lite) - Free- Yes there is a paid version, but we are talking about entertaining a two-year-old while in the shopping line. It doesn't have to be a long in-depth game to get her attention. There are movies and games for her.

Garfield Bird Crazy - Free- Again, she loves Garfield, like her daddy, so this App was naturally well liked for her.

Giraffe's Pre-School Playground - 0.99- There are six mini-games for her to play with. They are a little out her grasp, but she loves the sounds!

Monkey Shaker - Free- A monkey is her favourite animal, and for up to 60 seconds she can shake the phone for it to make a monkey sound.

Peekaboo Barn - 1.99- This is a simple to use App. My daughter has been using this App since she was one, and still uses it. Simple touching of the barn to reveal the animal that is making the sound, and learn it's name. We have this app set for loop, so that it keeps going! Until she exits it.

Pet the Animals - Free- Actual pictures of animals, accompanied by their sounds. Simple.

Preschool Adventure - 0.99- They have just expanded to eight mini-games, which took a while for my daughter to adjust too, since there was six before. But the recent editions to the App, she uses frequently.

CleanPro - 0.99- Dogs licking your screen squeaky clean.

Topple - Free- She doesn't understand the concept of the game, but she likes the music, and that she can move the blocks.

Try them out with your child, and I am sure that they will enjoy them. Note that I listed the Canadian prices in iTunes.