20 August 2011

How to Understand Brain Differences Between Men and Women Better

Kevin Hinckley, and Licensed Professional Counsellor recently gave a presentation at BYU's education week.  He spoke on the differences between men and women's brains.

He eventually broke things down into key points of how men can better understand women and how women can better understand men.

  • Women read and evaluate everything that men do including words, tone of voice, facial expressions, behaviour etc.
  • Men are "fixers" and need to realize that women want to be listened to, not fixed.
  • Women will keep up on men because they want to take care of you.  For example a wife will worry if her husband doesn't go frequently enough to the doctor's.
  • Sometimes men do stupid things, where a woman may attribute the action as malice.  Women need to realize that men just think differently
  • The man's brain is sometimes not equipped or attuned to pick up communication nuances, such as hint dropping.
  • Allow men to go to their "Man Cave" so they can stew things over and better prepare themselves to solve the problem and cope with stress.
The full article review can be read here.