11 November 2010

Research Idea: Veterans Perspective On WWII Video Games

On this Remembrance Day (Veterans Day for the American followers), I had a thought come across my mind as I was thinking about those who sacrificed their time, and for many, their lives.  I wonder what their thought on today's video games would be, specifically those related to wars that veterans have lived and fought in.

Here we are decades later, using video games to simulate warfare from decades ago as a form of entertainment.  I would love to know what the veterans of war think of that.  To add to that, I would like to know the opinion and perspective of the soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq as well.

My hypothesis is as follows.

  • I think some veterans grimace at the thought of these video games.  
  • I think some veterans would be so heart broken to see their worst nightmares become so entertaining to those they sacrificed so much for.  
  • I do believe a minority of veterans wouldn't be offended at all.  
  • Of those currently serving, due to generational differences, I think some would get caught up in playing these video games as an escape reality from their daily lives of normalcy.  
  • I think some currently serving would also have no change in use of, or opinion of such video games.  
  • Finally, I do think some currently serving soldiers would halt playing such games when they got home.  

These are my hypotheses. I would love to test my thinking.  There may be other outcomes and reactions that I am not even thinking of.  This may just become a thesis as I pursue a masters.