08 November 2010

Cricket & Life: Three Runs, Surrounding Yourself with Appropriate Friends and Media

Scoring three runs not only requires communication and reading the play, it requires great placement of the ball between the fielders in the field. We too need to surround ourselves with good materials and people.

I mentioned reading good books in the last post.  However, this needs to be extended to other aspects of our life; music, people, parties, movies, games, the computer and so on.

First lets look at our social network. Who are you in contact with?  Friends greatly influence the choices we make.  Whether that’s in adolescents and we are jumping around in a water fountain, to what habits we pick up while growing up, to being married and having friends support us in our marriage.  Have people around you that lift you up, make you feel better, and help you reach your goals.  Anyone else, purge or adjust.  Search through your Facebook friends, and make the necessary adjustments.

Second, check your music.  Music does influence your thinking and thought process.  You wouldn’t listen to Josh Groban while trying to get pumped up for a game.  Pay attention to the lyrics.  What is the message?  Is the message going to lift you up, encourage you, and make you feel better for that moment?  I have learned that you can gather a lot about a person’s personality by flicking through their iPod albums.  What do your albums say about you?  Change your iTunes music library if needed.  Now, don’t think I am suggesting you have to listen to Mindy Gledhill all day, and for everything.  There is a time and a place for every type of music, just make sure you are aware of what the music contains.

Third, what are you doing on your computer? Are you being idle and loosing time on your computer?  If so, I would recommend only using a computer with purpose, not to just simply pass time.  When we are aimlessly using our computer, sometimes our fingers click to websites that we shouldn’t be on.  If you go on your computer to check emails, just check your emails.  If you are posting pictures on Facebook, just do that. Have purpose to your computer use.

These three things, amongst others, and plus Runs One & Two will help you establish better balance in your life.  You will begin to surround yourself with materials and people who will pick you up, and not bring you down.

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