08 September 2016

Tips to help with panic attacks

Here are ten tips, some may work for you, some may not, to help when an anxiety panic attack hits:
  1. Have an exit plan
  2. Have someone you can count on ready to call
  3. Spend time with your pet
  4. Interact with water
  5. Have a tranquilizer with you
  6. Give yourself a massage
  7. Forward bend
  8. Stare at yourself in the mirror
  9. Go for a walk
  10. Laugh

Read the full article at Healthy Place.


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  2. read your article in LDS living about divorce and I wanted to thank you for doing to so much to help church members better understand the devastating feeling of divorce. My ward family has been amazingly supportive, for which I am so grateful! I have just this past year been divorced after 47 years of marriage and seven children who are all grown with wonderful families of their own. My husband and I went to professional counseling for a few years off and on. We were quite steady few a year or so then quit for awhile and then started again towards the end. It is still heart breaking after a year of being on my own and I disagree with Dr Swinton that the death of a spouse is more stressful than divorce. When you loose a spouse to death, at least as an LDS person, you know you are still together, the link is not really broken and people are more supportive . You are not to blame and you don't have to deal with a living spouse who may want to bring another partner to gatherings. Children don't have to wonder should I invite mom or dad to Christmas dinner this year. In my situation my children have been very supportive and wonderful but the frustration and anger they feel with their dad has been hard. They are working things out, but unlike a death it is very difficult to realize that the separation of their parents was because of bad choices and that is harder to handle.
    My best supporters are friends who are going through the same thing, family, my close friends in my neighborhood and ward, one amazing friend who I will forever be grateful for, for sticking with me through everything and last but certainly not least the Lord has helped me. I would not be in as good a frame of mind without feeling the presence of my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ and His Atonement and angels from the other side. I have been blessed. I didn't want my marriage to end, but when it came right down to it I didn't get to choose. Thank you again for writing the article about your study. We just need more articles to help people understand how devastating losing an eternal partner to divorce is. Signed, doing better each day