06 September 2016

Conversation starters about technology use in a current or forming relationship

Katherine Hertlein, associate professor of psychology at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and co-author of The Couple and Family Technology Framework urges couples to have an explicit conversation about how to manage tech use. The ideal time to do it is when two people become serious about their relationship. Since technology is always changing, however, it's necessary for all couples. Here are discussion points:

  • What are your expectations about tech use by your partner and by you? 
  • Exactly what kind of contact does each partner regard as cheating? 
  • What is appropriate to disclose about the relationship; about your spouse? 
  • Do you exchange passwords or not? 
  • Do you tell your partner whom you are texting? 
  • When is it OK to be anonymous online? 
  • What, if any, places in the home are off-limits to electronic devices? 
  • What are rules for use in the car? 
  • When is it OK to post photos of your children? 
  • How much checking on each other is OK?

From Psychology Today.