28 December 2015

Top Family-Fun Super Nintendo Games

While I do enjoy playing video games on my own, it is much more enjoyable playing with my kids. And there is some research showing that the parent-child relationship can be enhanced when gaming together. Plus, gaming together can help teach gaming in moderation.

So with that in mind, I wanted to share the Top 5 SNES Games that families can play together (or against each other):

5. NHL 96
Any of the NHL series on SNES is a good pick. NHL 96 is when they started getting the create-a-player and roster moves done right. So create yourself, grab a couple of favourite players, put them on one team and play against each other.

4. Mario All-Stars
While Super Mario World is a great game, there is just something about playing the amped up NES Mario Bros. games on the SNES. Take turns in Mario Bros. or battle together in Mario Bros. 3.

3. NBA Jam
Instead of playing basketball formally, liven up the fun with arcade dunks and moves as you battle two-on-two. The graphics and the creativity make for a family fun rivalry.

2. Turtles in Time
If you have the controller expansion you can have to four playing. If not, two of you work together as the Ninja Turtles fight their way to save April. It's a great Co-op game.

1. Super Mario Kart
Race against each other in time trials or in one of the three cups. Or to increase the intensity, battle it out. Or do what I do with my kids, hold down the fort in 2nd place so they can get first and we can finish 1-2 in the races.

***Note: While new gaming consoles are $500+ with new games. With the proper shopping you could pick up a SNES console with controllers and a couple of the above games for $200 or less. Much more affordable family fun***