29 December 2015

Top Family-Fun Nintendo 64 Games

The past "Top" posts (Christmas albums and Super Nintendo) have had five items, but this one has seven because I had a tough time narrowing down my picks for the Top Family-Fun N64 Games.

7. 1080 Snowboarding
If you live somewhere where it is too cold to be outside or there isn't snow, you can strap on the snowboard boots and race each other down different slopes. Compete to finish first or who ever can do the fanciest tricks.

6. Mario Kart
Shifting from two players on SNES to four on N64 adds more family competition with a lot more fun in the battle and race modes.

5. Bomber Man 64
While you can have fun in the story, this game is best played as a multi-player. While the competition will always be four players, made up of AI's or humans, it is a lot of fun to be able to figure out the right patterns to drop or throw bombs to be able to win the match.

4. Super Smash Bros
Choose your favourite Nintendo franchise character and duke it out with your family who has picked their fav character.

3. Star Fox
Take your family rivalry into the air or in space and battle each other as one of the Star Fox characters. No point in being bound by ground when you can soar in the skies!

2. Golden Eye 007
Take game rating into account with this one as blood does ooze down the screen when you die. However, this game is alone responsible for the multiplayer shoot 'em up games, it is so revolutionary. Battle each other or in groups of 3 or 4. Set the style of the game, secret weapon, choose a map, and attack away.

1. Mario Party
Any of the Mario Party games would do, some say Mario Party 2 is better than the first because Nintendo built on it. This board game like game with mini challenges is an excellent leveling field for those who game a lot to those who don't at all, as the game is a combo of board game and mini-game strategy. Choose one of your fav Super Mario characters and roll away.

***Note: Again as with the Super Nintendo recommendations, I recommend these games and the console as overall they would be cheaper than buying a current generation console.***