26 December 2011

2011 in Review: Top 10 Posts (Most Read)

I must, first and foremost, say thank you to all of my readers for making my blog such a success.  For the past six months, I have been averaging 75-100 views per day! That's  remarkable!  Thank you so very very much!!

The most viewed posts of this year are:

10. I Recommend: Julia Sheer, Jodi King, Sierra Noble, and Stephanie Mabey
9. Helpful Financial Websites
8. Differences Between Social Work & Family Social Sciences
7. Top 100 Graduates from the Faculty of Human Ecology/Home Economics
6. Understanding Why Your Child May Be Impatient
5. Essential Fathers, First Post (I should mention this project is now defunct and a part of www.parentsareimportant.com)
4. PowerSmart - "Two Chickens to Paralyze" - Without Electricity There Would Be No Internet
3. Transition to Fatherhood Course Post-Test Results
2. Lindsey Stirling has released an Album!

and..... The number one post for 2011 is....

1. Autism and the Family