24 November 2011

Polygamy is accepted in modern society via divorce

I find myself at an unusual agreement with the Globe & Mail on an article about the polygamy ruling yesterday in BC.

To sum, the article brought out some of the same shared concerns that are found in polygamous relationships that are found in common, society accepted, relationships.

I remember bringing such a topic up in my undergraduate, and of course, shot down.  While true that polygamy has caused damage to many of people.  What about something like divorce. Think of it for a second, in a snapshot high school graduation picture.  We have a man, who with his first wife is celebrating the graduation of his child, however, this man is now on his third marriage, having children in each relationship.  The second wife is present with three kids, the third with his youngest child.  Does that image not look like a scene from Big Love?

Now also think of those three woman, all of whom have sacrificed career opportunities to raise his kids and take care of domestic duties.  He is probably also paying spousal and child support.  So simultaneously he is maintaining three relationships, that involve children, all at once.

All those women and children are in a vulnerable position..

Anyhow, its just food for thought. And No! I am not a supporter of Polygamy.