14 December 2012

Sounding the alarm about violence against women

After the early December suspected murder-suicide allegedly involving NFL linebacker Jovan Belcher, there has been an inordinate amount of attention given by the media to the topic of violence against women and suicide. While the latter has had avid attention since Amanda Todd took her life, the former has garnered some unique attention from the media, activists, bloggers and other pundits.

There have been claims that violence against women is an epidemic in the NFL, and some other major sports. The women’s shelters, and validly so, are pointing out the problem, too. But this is one of those classic examples of the 10-90 rule. That is something that happens 10 per cent of the time is getting 90 per cent of the attention, and what happens 90 per cent of the time is only getting 10 per cent of the attention.


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