31 December 2010

Who did you like to drive with as a Kid? Mom or Dad?

Kids aged 6 to 15 were recently asked who they would prefer to drive with: Mom or Dad?

The outcome? Forty percent of children feel safer driving with mom, compared to 26 percent for dads. This is mainly due to mom interacting and joking with the kids while driving, while dad, well, doesn't.  I remember as a kid my mom blasting the music in the car as we would drive around, making the time in the car enjoyable.  Dad, however, would turn the music down because he needed "concentrate" on driving.

Seventy percent of kids felt that their dad was the riskier driver, but at the same time, 62 percent of kids felt that mom would get lost or stall the car.

I guess in the end it is fun to be lost with mom, because she will at least interact with you.

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