10 December 2010

Sex in the Baby Years

I saw this article and it was a must read for me (it has been a must read for a lot of individuals, it is generating a lot of interest).  Having just had my second child, I am now unintentionally practicing what some couples have told me would happen: abstinence.

Dr. Ian Kerner recommended the following things to do to help keep sex alive:
  1. Go out and have a regular date-night, as soon as possible! Without the kids.
  2. Start having intimate (non-sexual) moments with your spouse outside of the bedroom.  Such as hugging, kissing, and cuddling.
  3. Don't let children sleep in your bed.
  4. For the ladies, do your best to rediscover your sexual self-esteem.  It's hard to feel 'sexy' when your a mom.
  5. Have sex. "If you don't use it, you could lose it."

Read the entire article here on CNN Health.