26 March 2010

New Mothers' Media Project: Looking for Participants

The New Mothers Media Project is a research study examining the effects of media use on new mothers' adjustment to parenthood. The purpose of the current study is to explore the amount and kinds of media that new mothers consume on a daily basis and its effect on their overall functioning, including various factors such as depression, marital satisfaction, mother and father involvement with the new child, and felt connectedness to and isolation from others. Findings from the study will contribute needed understanding of new mothers’ media use across the critical transitional period of becoming a parent.
Researchers are looking for women who meet all the following criteria:
First time mothers with a child up to 18 months of age
· Are currently in a long-term relationship or marriage with the child’s father
· Are fluent in English
If you are interested in participating in this internet-based research project, please click on the link below (no password needed) or cut and paste the following URL address: https://byu.qualtrics.com/SE?SID=SV_8IELdfTEBFrmOfG&SVID=Prod
If you have questions or concerns before deciding to participate, please email Brandon McDaniel at newbabyresearch@byu.edu. This study was approved by the institutional review board of Brigham Young University in February of 2010.