29 March 2010

Do We Plan For Our Marriage?

Dr. Michelle Gannon brings up an awesome question in her article. This is something I have advocated since I have had an interest in making marriages successful.

I notice, even more now when I watch a TLC show with my wife, how much people invest and spend time on for their wedding. To only wake up the next day to find out that they are Married, and not having another Wedding. There a bills to pay, jobs to go to, meals to prepare and eat, and so on. The excitement of the wedding is gone, and some couples just look at each other wondering "now what?"

It is essential to prepare for a marriage. Go see a pre-marital Counsellor, learn each others love languages, ask each other the 100 questions, know each others future goals and plans, and so on. That way you will be prepared for your marriage. And as Dr. Gannon says, the divorce rate can be reduced by 30%.