21 July 2015

The positive & negative impacts on psychotherapists and their families

This is a great read for anyone considering entering the helping profession, especially psychotherapists (Master's level Counsellors, Therapists, Marriage & Family Therapists etc.). The paper is written by Ofer Zur and outlines the dangers and negative impacts on psychotherapists and their families; also highlighting the positives (but that list is not as long).

Negative Impacts:

1. Interpretation
2. Questioning and Inquiry
3. Emotional Draining
4. Distancing
5. Total and Uncritical Understanding
6. Labeling and Diagnosing
7. Demeaning Tales
8. Jealousy
9. Creating a Crisis
10. Anonymity and Confidentiality
11. The Home Office
12. Resistance in Therapy

Positive Impacts:

1. Knowledge
2. Training In and Practice
3. Psychologically Minded
4. Cautious Spontaneity
5. Positive Tales
6. Observing the Compassionate Therapist at Work