29 January 2015

Top BlackBerry 10 (BB10) Apps for Counsellors and Therapists

I have been a die hard fan and a power user of BlackBerry devices for almost a decade now. I now own a Passport and love the device, especially since it is great for emails, calendars, contacts, and, of course, BBHub.

However, I have noticed that a lot of the apps (and rightfully so) focus on the business world... and I am not a traditional business person, I'm a counsellor. With that comes a different demand for the device, outside of the traditional apps. So I am compiling a list of apps that I found useful as a counsellor, therapist, mental health worker, etc. that uses a BB10 device. (Note that these apps will be found in either BlackBerry World, 1Mobile, or Amazon)

Counselling Related

  • RelaxBook Nature - plays relaxing nature sounds for a timed interval.
  • MindShift - made by AnxietyBC, this app provides information, tracking, calming tools, and mindfulness strategies.
  • 3D Brain - informative and interactive app for learning and understanding parts of the brain
  • PTSD Coach - information on PTSD, tracking symptoms, and ideas for symptom management
  • Psych Drugs - simple information on psychiatric medications; including names, dosage, side effects, and class.
  • Chatoms: Conversation Starters - great and simple way to build relationship, or to help with social skills.
  • Take a Stand Together - anti-bullying app aimed at creating safe and supportive environments.
  • Sesame Street: Divorce - designed for parents to use with their children to help explain and normalize feelings around divorce.
  • EyeMove 1 - simple eye-movement app for EMDR trained therapists.
  • Toxic Thinking - learning about unhelpful thoughts, feelings and actions related to mental health
  • iTouch iLearn Feelings - developing emotional and feelings language for pre-schoolers.
  • Know Yourself Personality Tests - all informal, but informative questionnaires.
  • Solar Explorer - exploring the solar system can help (some) put present struggles in perspective. Or it is soothing.
  • Days Lived - fun app that lets you know how many days you have lived, and time spent doing certain activities.
  • TED - TED talks are awesome and inspiring.
  • Evernote - it's my brain, everything is stored here. Workshop materials, recent research, webpages, etc. (I interchange between using the Android & Blackberry app)
  • Dropbox - all my 'working'/'in-progress' documents are here. Access to my files anywhere at anytime.
  • Workwide - allows for multi-tasking (great for Passport users) by using two windows simultaneously.
  • Tilt - after it's latest upgrade, this app provides instant information at the tilting of the device. Can see recent emails, upcoming events with having to man-handle your device.
  • RSS Savy - all your feeds, one location.
  • BB Bridge - I still rock the Playbook, so this app is great for using my phone as a slide changer.

    • 7-minute Workout - pretty easy to find seven minutes to work out.
    • Phone Abuser - track how much time you have spent actively using your device, a nice reality check
    • Countdown - counts down to certain holidays, and also custom dates like birthday's, vacation, etc.
    Webpages on Home Screen

    I use these self informative tools to help increase my clients Johari Window so that they can understand themselves better, and so I can assist them better as well.