02 February 2014

The Wreck of Home Ec

It is unfortunate to see the dismantling of the Faculty of Human Ecology at the University of Manitoba. I wish the faculty could have stayed intact, whether as a college or a department.

I agree with Past-President of MAHE Debora Durnin-Richards when she said:

"So what is the solution? Society, external to the University of Manitoba, says the professional educational study of Human Ecology is valued and should be retained. I dare say that there are proponents within the institution that would also agree. The President wants fewer Faculties. He is in support of clustering. So why is the dismantling of a well respected Faculty even being considered? So the proposal should be to cluster the Faculty of Human Ecology with another Faculty. Just like all the other clustering proposals. In no other scenario is an existing Faculty being dismantled! Clustering is the approach the University needs to consider. #SaveHomeEc by having the Human Ecology program of study clustered with another faculty that can bring greater synergies for both - each retaining their identity and status in society."