28 April 2011

Royal Wedding and Betting

I was amazed to hear that there is betting occurring on certain aspects of the upcoming royal wedding.  The betting is ranging from the colour of the dress, to the colour of the Queen's hat, to the rings being forgotten.

This was being discussed on a local radio station, HOT 103, on their morning show.  They were disagreeing over whether or not rings actually do get forgotten at weddings.  They bribed listeners with prizes to see if anyone had actually forgotten the rings.

I tried calling in because I had forgotten the rings to my wedding.  It appears though, that I was not the only one, because the lines were busy!!! Made me feel good that I was not alone in my moment of stupidity.  However, I wish I could have told my story!

Not that my story is long.  Simply put, when it came for the moment to exchange the rings during the wedding ceremony. I reached for my pockets and was instantly embarrassed. I had forgotten the rings in the car. Both of them.  Fortunately my wife has been able to laugh at and with me in my mistakes since day one.  We were able to improvise and later exchanged rings at a restaurant with friends.

John Gottman says one of the best predictors of a successful marriage is how well the bride views her wedding day.  I am grateful that my wife, even five years later, can look back at that moment and chuckle. So I guess all is well. And maybe this helps explain why my wife says I have very little Casanova skills.

Not that I am a betting man, but I would bet that the rings may get forgotten, but thanks to the millions of people tuning in, they will be remembered by someone else.