08 March 2011

Research Idea: Pornography & IPV

Ever since I have written a paper during my undergraduate years, I have always been interested in the relationship between viewing pornography and relational satisfaction, in particular if viewing pornography increases violence in an intimate relationship.

Pornography has taken a different turn in popular culture the past couple of years.  I place that credit on Oprah, she originally had taken to the opinion that pornography does not help intimacy in relationships.  However, she changed her position and feels that if couples view pornography together, it will support their intimate relationships.

Most of the research I have stumbled across, does not have a clear cut line on pornography's influence on intimate relations, however, most has found negative side-effects for the individual.

I want to see if there is a relationship between pornography and intimate relationships.  My hypothesis is that there will be a negative relationship, especially for women.  However, I am intrigued to find results for co-viewing, and relational satisfaction.