20 July 2010

Winnipeg Sun's Disrespect for Human Life is a Reflection of Our Intimate Relationships

It was a disgusting sight yesterday. The Winnipeg Sun's cover picture was of a store clerk being choked to unconsciousness. While it is great that the attacker is getting the book thrown at him, and same with his counterparts. However, under the headline was, "watch the full video online". Is this really something that we need to watch? Doesn't this glorify this type of behaviour? You can get your fix of a girl being strangled, as it is repeated over and and over again for users to watch online.

Is this really what our society has become? A society that is enthralled with watching a girl being strangled? Sure, it was just one paper. However, papers put the "selling" story on the cover. So this was a blatant attempt at selling violence for profit. Plus, it wasn't enough to see a still image of the stupid behaviour for a selling point, but that you can watch the stupidity in it's entirety, was part of the selling feature.

Of course, our lack of respect was further emphasized by today's Sun story about a cat returning home. We don't seem to get so excited when a child returns home, or other human beings.

This type of thinking and behaviour, unfortunately, is found in a lot of relationships too. Where other things have higher importance than children or spouses. Things like the TV, movies, money, career, and so on. It is a self-centered type of thinking that drives people to do things that are outrageous in their relationships.

We need to love our spouse, first and fore-most. Treat them with the utmost respect, and be selfless. Especially when the fruits of your relationship brings children.

It is the internal thinking or selflessness that will help prune silly behaviours.