04 June 2010

For Health’s Sake, Marry Someone Your Age

As seen in the Battlefords News Optimist.

It has been shown study after study, that married couples live longer than their unmarried counterparts. However, a recent study shows that you may want to consider another factor before getting married, your age difference.

The recent Danish study was done on two million marital couples medical records. The study concluded that for women, the wider the age gap the greater the mortality rate.

Simply stated for women, if you have a spouse older than you, your life span is shortened. If you have a spouse younger than you, your life span is decreased even more. Marrying someone the same age is ‘safest’. As for men, they live longer if their spouse is younger.

Makes you want to change that age option when seeking for men or women online. Can you see that first date, a boy 10 years older than the girl. She responds that she doesn’t want to be with him, because she will be put at a greater risk of death compared to if she married someone closer to her age. Almost seems outrageous!

This study, while interesting, really won’t change the way we choose partners in life. Love some how always finds a way to break barriers. If we love someone and are willing to be with them, care for them, and work alongside them, that trumps out the age difference.

It makes me think of all the silly things that we study. Especially when it comes to things such as marital satisfaction, and longevity. The most random facts seem to be uncovered when we are looking for that magical ingredient to live longer.

There have been plenty of studies that claim to find that magical ingredient of living longer. So while we are at it, the following are other results to studies to increase your longevity.

Move to France, apparently they are the healthier because they buy the freshest foods.

Take the bus. It is the safest mode of transportation.

Laugh a lot, laugh like a child. They laugh 112 times a day, while adults laugh 6.

Get married, and make your marriage work.

Walk, run, and jump, exercise is always the answer.

Live in a rural community. You’re doing that.

Have lots of children. Not only do children provide exercise when they are young, they also become a great support when you age.

Play the piano. It keeps the brain cells functioning.

Be optimistic. You are more pleasant to be around, therefore improving your support system.

Be close to your mother. The closer you are, the least likely you are to develop a disease.

Keep learning. Same as playing the piano, it keeps your brain working.

Enjoy chocolate, in moderation.

Be religious. It helps manage your stress and emotional problems.

Get a pet. Any pet has a positive result in increasing longevity, they make you feel optimistic and relaxed.

Watch your weight. Overeating causes a lot of diseases, so if you don’t, you decrease your risk.

Don’t smoke. The earlier you stop smoking the better.

Have sex with your spouse. A healthy sexual relationship can increase life by seven years!

Relax. Such as meditation or yoga, they help reduce stress.

Have a sleep pattern. Having an established routine makes it easier to optimize your sleep.

Be a woman. On average, women live loner than men.

Of course, most of all, if you want to live longer, you need to marry someone close to yourage, for health’s sake!